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Direct Heating Parts Ltd

We can supply a full range of Excelsior unvented water heaters manufactured to the highest quality by Fabdec, Sizes are available to suit both domestic and commercial markets.


For your home and business

BBA approved, the EXCELSIOR water heaters do not require a header tank so can be sited anywhere on the property, subject to suitable plumbing and water pressure. A minimum requirement of 1.5 bar pressure and 15 litres per minute flow is suggested for satisfactory operation, although most homes in the UK now have pressure of more than 2 bar.

EXCELSIOR is available in both external and internal expansion configurations.

As both hot and cold water comes directly from the mains, the EXCELSIOR can be sited in any location on any floor and there's the added reassurance that when in use the unit will not become hot to touch.

The EXCELSIOR lightweight design, flexible positioning, low maintenance and simpler plumbing requirements, make it advantageous for both installers and specifiers. Where space is restricted, the EXCELSIOR offers further versatility in its Slimline, Super slimline and Horizontal designs.

As a result of its special design, we can offer EXCELSIOR in both external and internal expansion configurations. The latter enables the installer to eliminate the need to fit time-consuming expansion tanks and enables the consumer to save the extra space that they take up.

For larger amounts of water storage or to achieve higher flow rates, two or more EXCELSIOR vessels can be fitted in parallel. A separate cold feed should be taken to each cylinder, with the outlets joined together.